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Maybe you found this site by chance, maybe out of curiosity but in any case I imagine that you are in search of a therapy designed to help you deal with a certain problem.

I am an experienced and professionally trained regression therapist and past life regression therapist, based in Amsterdam.

Regression is a safe, effective form of therapy.
And a wonderful way to help you understand who you are and what is your real purpose in life.
Regression and past life therapy can clear anxiety, trauma and deep physical and emotional pain.
It connects you with your soul, and gives you a clear understanding of the “why” behind your challenges and losses, plans and expectations for your current life.


Soul Journey

I am a certified Between Lives Spiritual Regression graduate from the Past Life Regression Academy (UK) as well.

A Between Lives Spiritual Regression or a Life Between Lives regression (LBL regression) is a fascinating journey. It explores the time before you started your current life on earth, and the incredible world that awaits us all following physical death. It will enable you to experience understanding of your soul’s overall purpose and of the purpose of the incarnation under review.

The between lives regression is based on the books and work of many pioneers including Michael Newton, Dolores Cannon, Helen Wambach and Andy Tomlinson.



EMDR is another technique I regularly use. EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – is an innovative, research-supported approach to psychotherapy. It enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of traumatic experiences, whether they occurred recently or decades ago.
EMDR seems to have a direct effect on the way that the brain processes information by accessing what occurs naturally during dreaming or REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.
I am a certified EMDR therapist, trained at the Nederlandse Academie for Psychotherapie.


Regression and Past Life Regression Therapy

Whether you are hampered by fear of failing, depressions, fear of death, claustrophobia, exhaustion, feelings of guilt or solitude: regression and past life regression therapy are based on the belief that the source of your present problems and complaints is to be found in experiences either from this life or from a previous life which you have yet to resolve.

If you can retrace these experiences and relive them it can help you to come to terms with them and that in turn can lead to:

> The improvement of the problem or its complete resolution
> Letting go of (unconscious) preconceived and limiting convictions
> Breaking of patterns
> Becoming truly conscious/aware and making sense of things
> More control of your life
> More vitality


For whom?

If you really want to get to the root of a problem then (past life) regression therapy is a suitable and effective way to get there and free yourself from it. Together we uncover important issues or blockages that need to be addressed that are affecting you in this life time.
With the help of this therapy you can deal with a wide variety of mental, physical, social and emotional problems such as

> Fear, anxiety and phobias
> Depressions
> Convictions, preconceptions and patterns which cause problems
> Feelings of isolation, failure and general belief that nothing makes sense
> Problems at work or at school
> Domestic or relationship problems
> Not getting pregnant / unexplained infertility
> Near Death Experience (NDE)
> Vanishing twin syndrome – loss of a (twin) brother/ sister
> Staying stuck in anger
> Coming to terms with traumatic events
> Physical complaints which appear to have no apparent medical cause
> Health problems which are directly affected by ones mental state of mind

Serious illnesses
In the case of chronic or life-threatening illnesses the therapy can allow insight into why one is ill, can sometimes lessen the symptoms or slow them down.

In the course of a successful treatment forgotten talent, potential and positive memories are often recalled. In this way talents and power are placed at your disposal again.


The Therapy

Regression and past life regression therapy are both forms of psychotherapy that seek to locate the cause of a present day problem in issues from the past. By seeking out these traumas in the subconscious and by reliving them and unloading them, one is able to come to terms with them and integrate them into ones life.

Regression therapy is concerned with what happened in this life: things that happened the previous year, during youth, at birth, during pregnancy or at the moment of conception.

Past life regression therapy looks further back than your present life. Sometimes the term reincarnation therapy is used instead of past life therapy.
It is based on the belief that the soul outlives the physical body and inhabits a new body. During this cycle the strengths and talents of the soul also re-inhabit the new body. But unfortunately so do also experiences that have been so painful and powerful that they continue to have influence over your present day life.

Double consciousness
In order to trace unresolved experiences you concentrate on sensations in your body, emotions, language and thoughts related to a problem in a therapeutic session. In so doing, you go into a mild state of trance. You remain conscious of where you are, with whom you are and what you want to work on. Alongside this you experience a whole range of feelings, thoughts and physical impressions about an event in the past that is related to your problem or complaint.

The following vocabulary will give you more insight into the basic ideas involved in the therapy: Explanation of Terms




As a therapist I am a professional member of EARTh, the Earth Association for Regression Therapy.

I am also a recognized and qualified professional member of the NVRT (Dutch Society for Reincarnation or Past Life Therapy). This Society is continually involved in further schooling and supplementary training of its members.
I joined masterclasses of Dr Hans ten Dam (Tasso Institute), and have been trained by Roger Woolger, Andy Tomlinson and Reena Kumarasingham at the Past Life Regression Academy (UK), Tineke Noordergraaf, Rob Bontenbal and many others.

My interest is based on how people function, what influences people and manner in which body and soul influence one another. It inspires me to accompany individuals in this process of insight and change.

I graduated as a student of biology and specialised in molecular biology and immunology. During my studies I immersed myself in how the human body functions and in its immune system and inherited material. I also did a masters in environmental policy study. and I have worked in the business community and for the municipality of Amsterdam.

Alongside studying biological processes in humans I have also been educated in intuitive development and working with energy, auras and chakras. As a yogateacher I offer yogaclasses that combine Indian yogic practices with Taoist meridian theories and Buddhist mindfulness and meditation under the name Blue Sky Yoga.



Intake – first appointment
Before the therapy a comprehensive intake discussion takes place. This takes about 2 hours. During this discussion we try to clarify the nature of your problems. We also focus on aspects of your present life in which your problems manifest themselves (biography), and on your ancestral history. This intake discussion also provides you with an opportunity to ask questions and to get to know the therapist.

Instead of the intake discussion of 2 hours, there is the possibility to have both a short intake and already a short regression session at the first appointment.
This takes 2,5 hours. If you prefer this, I will send you a questionnaire by email to fill in beforehand.

Sessions (Regression or EMDR)
The 2-hour sessions that then follow incorporate a short preliminary discussion. They focus on reliving unresolved issues and experiences and how to deal with them, unload them and integrate them into your life.

A problem is often the result of several unresolved experiences. In order to deal with these fully, especially in light of the underlying theme, a series of sessions is usually necessary.

A Between Lives Regression session
This is also known as a Between Lives Spiritual Regression (BLSR), a Life Between Lives Regression (LBL) or a soul regression.
The complete session takes 3 to 4,5 hours. A complete Between Lives Regression session costs €225,- (payment in cash after the consultation).

Before you undertake this soul journey, an intake discussion is advisable. Sometimes, instead of an intake, filling in a questionnaire might be sufficient.
If you have never had a (past life) regression or hypnosis session before, it is best to book a (past life) regression session first (2 hours, €120) This is a separate appointment before the Between Lives Regression session.

My rate is €60 per hour.
Payment in cash after each consultation.

A standard consultation / session takes 2 hours and costs €120
The standard intake of about 2 hours costs €120.
A intake including a short regression session of 2,5 hours costs €150
A complete Between Lives Regression session costs €225,-

A 24 hours notice is necessary if you must cancel a session. Failure to give sufficient notice by email to will result in the full session fee due.

A number of Dutch insurance companies will cover some or all of the costs of (past life) regression therapy as part of a special additional insurance policy. I am licensed and registered as a health practitioner number 90010789 in the records of the relevant authority, the AGB-register.



Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 101 – 2, 1012 RG Amsterdam.
A nice and quiet practice right in the centre of Amsterdam and close to the Central Station. Just take one of several trams from the Central Station to the next stop, or take a walk for less then 10 minutes.

Tel 06 – 43 12 50 90. You are welcome to phone me when you need more information. If I can’t answer the phone, pls leave a message and I will phone you back asap.